Warriors Within Season 2 (2024)

Warriors Within Season 2 (2024)

Other name: 打天下2 ; Warriors Within 2 , Da Tian Xia 2 , Da Tin Ha 2


50 years ago, a match between a Chinese and a Japanese karate expert ended in a dead heat. Together, they wrote a martial arts book that has caused storms across the martial arts world ever since. In 2019, Chong Wai fought hard and defeated her Japanese rival to win her first karate championship. However, the match left her seriously injured. Meanwhile, in Japan, Saori Kisaragi goes through hardships and is shunned by her teammates because of the martial arts book. When she learns of Chong, who has defeated one of her senior clan members, she travels to Hong Kong to challenge Chong and to find the book. When the Hong Kong karate team withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics, Chong was devastated as she felt that her years of training had been wasted. She stays away from all things related to karate while her friend Chi Ho manages the dojo, hoping for Chong to return. Chong finds an office job and meets her boss, Darwin, who takes good care of her. On the day Chong packs up her personal belongings at the sports institute, Kisaragi comes and challenges her. Chong’s teammate Tin Oi fights on her behalf and is instantly defeated. Chong is dumbfounded. Kisaragi throws down the gauntlet before she leaves.


Status: Ongoing



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