Special Action (2024)

Special Action (2024)

Other name: 特别行动 北斗行动 北斗行動 特別行動 Te Bie Xing Dong Bei Dou Xing Dong Operation Beidou


It tells the story of the battle between Kuomintang and Communist agents for the physicist Tong Jiang Nan in Hong Kong.

In 1948, after the “May Day Slogan” was published, a group of patriotic democrats in Hong Kong, represented by Professor Tong Jiang Nan, actively responded to the call of the Communist Party and prepared to return to the liberated areas. The Kuomintang reactionaries obstructed and sabotaged this and sent Zhang Mu and others with the intention of controlling the professor and others.

Su Xing was once a student of Professor Tong Jiang Nan. He received the task of the organization and went to Hong Kong to escort the democrats back to the liberated areas. He started fighting with the Kuomintang reactionaries in Hong Kong. A life-and-death battle.

(Source: Chinese = Baidu)

Adapted from the novel “The Dark Flower” (暗花) by Zang Xiao Fan (臧小凡).

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Status: Ongoing



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