Joy of Life Special Edition (2024)

Joy of Life Special Edition (2024)

Other name: Joy of Life Special Edition (2024)


Zhang Qing, a student majoring in Literary History at university, has read classic masterpieces extensively. However, his thesis, which applies modern perspectives to analyze ancient literary history, is not approved by Professor Ye. In order to have Professor Ye become his graduate advisor, Zhang Qing decides to elaborate on his viewpoints by writing a novel. In his novel, the story revolves around Fan Xian, a young man with a mysterious background, who had been living with his grandmother in the small coastal town of Danzhou. With an unexpected visit from a teacher, Fan Xian’s seemingly tranquil life began to face a series of crises and challenges. Guided by the enigmatic teacher and a blindfolded guardian, Fan Xian became versed in the properties and principles of medicines, cultivated overpowering Qi, and refined his martial arts skills. He subsequently overcame numerous dangerous situations. Driven by curiosity about his own origins, Fan Xian left Danzhou and went to the imperial capital. In the capital, Fan Xian experienced the vicissitudes of life and remained committed to justice and goodness, enduring and thriving through various tests and tempering from family, the martial world, and the political arena, ultimately crafting an illustrious legend of his life.

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