95 (2024)

95 (2024)

Other name: キュウゴー Kyugoo


Hiroshige Akihisa works for a karaoke company. When he is interviewed about the past 30 years of Japanese music industry, he gets confused when he is asked about his high school student days. An incident happened 29 years ago that caused him to suppress his memories that have now come back.

On March 20, 1995, the Tokyo subway sarin attack took place. At that time, Akihisa was a high school student who got good grades and was well mannered, but the Tokyo subway sarin attack led him to face the death of someone he knew and shook his world. Around that time, he was suddenly called out by his classmate Suzuki Shotaro, whom he wasn’t very close to. Shotaro asked him if he wanted to live vacantly into his adulthood and then die? Would he be happy living that type of life? Akihisa then joined Shotaro’s group and hanged out with them in Shibuya. One day, Shotaro is attacked by someone. Akihisa decides to take revenge on the attacker and begins to search for him.

(Source: AsianWiki)

Adapted from the novel “95” by Hayami Kazuma (早見和真).

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Status: Ongoing



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